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For Sunday’s News Sentinel, I’ve written a column on Google Glass. It’s not a fanboy piece, because I’m anything but. I tend to find the device kind of ridiculous and creepy. 

They remind me of the Opti-Grab from ‘The Jerk.’ 

I think years down the road we’re going to see lawsuits popping up that claim Google Glass has permanently damaged people’s eyesight or given them a wandering eye. 

Regardless of my personal feelings about the device, it’s made the news recently - not all of it great press, but even bad press is good advertising, right? 


One incident involved a couple in Columbus, Ohio who’d gone to see ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ at an AMC theater. The gentlemen, who has remained anonymous in every account I’ve read, had modified his Google Glass by attaching his prescription lenses to the frame. When he and his wife entered the theater, he turned off Glass, but kept the frame on so he could view the movie. 

About an hour in, he was pulled from his seat by DHS officers and questioned for approximately three hours. His supposed crime? Piracy. 

Read the full account on the techno blog, The Gadgeteer.


The next “news” item is even dirtier than that, if you can imagine. 

Some inventive soul has created an app that allows consenting Glass-wearing adults to change their perspectives while … interacting on an intimate level. It’s called Sex With Glass. Only the overly confident should download.


In Southern California, Cecilia Abadie attended traffic court Jan. 16, 2014 to argue her citations for speeding and wearing Google Glass while driving. Abadie was cited in October for wearing the device under a California vehicle code which prohibits any type of video display that “is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle.”

Because the officer could not provide proof that the device was on when Abadie was driving, the charges were thrown out. We’re not exactly sure how her Glass had anything to do with her speeding ticket, though. 


In researching for my column, I found several references to places that had already deemed Google Glass unwelcome: Casinos, gentlemen’s clubs, movie theaters, some restaurants and bars, hospitals (due to patient confidentiality) and Gitmo (shocking, right?). 

I started to wonder about our schools. 

At the beginning of each school year, I have to sign a media waiver for my children stating that I am okay with them being filmed during school. 

When I go to shoot video on assignment at a school, I still tend to make sure that the kids are cleared. 

So, does the school system have a policy about allowing these devices in their buildings? They do for students. It’s the same policy for any recording device: it’s okay to use them before and after school and during lunch and breaks between classes (for grades 9-12). 

But what about parents or other visitors to schools? 

According to Amanda Johnson, public affairs specialist for Knox County Schools, “while recording is not specifically addressed in a Knox County Schools policy, each principal has wide discretion in dealing with school visitors who may be acting in such a manner as to compromise safety, security or privacy of students and staff.”

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