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Tortoise wins by a HareSlow and steady wins the race.  That’s what Aesop and Bugs Bunny taught us, right?

Maybe the same will prove true for gay marriage. At least, that’s what an article from Salon suggests as it praises HGTV for subtly highlighting people from the LGBT community in their shows for the last two decades.

Sure, gay people have been on TV for a long time, but as Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon writes, “HGTV doesn’t trade in drama or high camp.” So when they put out a call last month in Atlanta for LGBT couples to apply for their show “Property Virgins,” it wasn’t to add an air of flamboyance to the reality show, it was an attempt to show the growing diversity in the American family today.

The idea of the nuclear family has been long since blown to smithereens. It’s good to see a major cable network acknowledge this.

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